Accelerate the Network Transformation to NFV

With the development of today’s many bandwidth-intensive multimedia applications, there is a massive increase in customer demand for more bandwidth. This places a huge burden on service providers to evolve all segments of their wireline networks rapidly to support this huge traffic demand in voice, video, and data. Innovations are constantly taking place in the access, transmission, and networking equipment arenas to aggregate, transport, and deliver the 5G traffic. These innovative technologies require a flexible platform that delivers solutions quickly, while having an established, low-cost migration path for successful high-volume production deployment. With a complete portfolio of high-performance, low-cost FPGAs and Intel's programmable logic devices (PLDs) deliver the processing bandwidth and flexibility required for wireline infrastructure designs. To accelerate the time to market, Intel also provides a wide array of intellectual property (IP), reference designs, and complete off-the-shelf partner solutions via the Intel® wireline ecosystem. Intel's 14nm and 20nm silicon leadership, supporting tools, and solutions enable a higher level of system integration for wireline communication infrastructure platforms.