In-store Virtual Salesperson Increases Sales and Reduces Expenses


Keystone Enterprise Services’ in-store virtual salesperson increases the availability of qualified sales associates in the retail environment, and provides improved product specific knowledge for suppliers in the retail environment, without increasing the number of on-floor sales staff.


Combining the Intel® Retail Client Manager (Intel® RCM) with Keystone’s live sales assistant dramatically increases the impact and ROI of placing a digital sign in the retail environment by enabling it to “act as a sales person.” Live remote sales associates talk to customers over two-way video services through intelligent digital signage, thus reducing staff attention needed on the floor. It maintains high-quality sales knowledge through the training of virtual video sales associates on products or promotions advertised through digital signage placed in each retail store.


  • Creates opportunities to answer questions from purchasing customers and in-store retail sales associates by live face-to-face interaction with someone that has been trained specifically on that product.
  • Reduces the number of vendor relationships required to deliver virtual sales service and streamlines support services along with content creation or content management for Intel RCM-driven digital signs.
  • Customizes each retail and product supplier needs: installs digital signage ranging from large-panel LCD screens to small Intel®-based tablets; then schedules, modifies, or removes content from the playlist to meet specific advertising or promotional activities.

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