The Intelligent Way for Smart Cities to Connect

Engaging, Interactive Public Kiosks Connect and Inform

To improve the quality of life in urban communities, cities are using the Internet of Things (IoT) in many innovative and exciting ways. Public kiosks can help support smart city initiatives by delivering real-time information, services, and alerts to citizens and visitors—quickly and cost-effectively. Many urban areas are funding them with advertising that incorporates near-real-time audience analytics, making public kiosks more valuable to retailers and brands who can deliver customized messages.

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On the Go Travel Station*, a Dynamic Public Kiosk Powered by Intel

Intel, CIVIQ Smartscapes, and Intersection joined forces to deploy the On the Go Travel Station*, a dynamic public kiosk funded through targeted advertising that provides a wealth of information to riders at New York City subway stations.

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Help People Find Their Way

Today’s city dwellers are on the go, spending more time out of their homes than ever before. Public kiosks are a critical channel for reaching them in engaging and interactive ways. Intel-based public kiosks can play a central role in wayfinding with support for maps, directions, transit routes, and schedules. They can also connect citizens with community services or help tourists find events they’re interested in.

Provide Valuable Public Services

Kiosks can provide features like Wi-Fi, Internet browsing, and device charging that make living and working in the city—or just exploring it—incredibly convenient.

Kiosks also support public health and safety initiatives with emergency 911 calling, public service announcements, and air quality monitoring. These kiosk solutions allow cities to replace obsolete infrastructure and potentially reduce operational costs with self-funded intelligent infrastructure.

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Support a Wide Range of Capabilities

Public kiosks can be built for a range of capabilities:

  • Provide valuable public services and information
  • Support public health and safety initiatives
  • Generate revenue through advertising
  • Help protect data, content, and infrastructure with Intel® Security technologies

Intel kiosk technology supports one or two displays, basic security and connectivity, and advertising tools, all the way up to high-end models with three or more 4K displays and advanced user features, including:

  • Remote management
  • Audience analytics, sensor data, data acquisition, and transactions
  • Trusted boot and whitelisting

Intel’s public kiosk ecosystem includes OEMs for displays, media players, and sensors, as well as kiosk manufacturers. It also includes integrators, service providers, network operators, and more.

Real-World Public Kiosk Solutions

Reinventing Smart Cities with Public Kiosks Webinar

Along city streets, bus stops, and train stations, cities are replacing outdated infrastructure with engaging public kiosks that provide valuable services—like wayfinding, transit routes, emergency alerts, and free Wi-Fi—to citizens and tourists. Watch this brief on-demand webinar where we discuss this emerging platform.

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Helping Cities Compete in the Digital World

Miami-Dade County explored a smart city vision that uses Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to collect and analyze data for better management of public resources and services.

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