Intel® eASIC™ Devices

Intel® eASIC™ devices are structured ASICs, an intermediary technology between FPGAs and standard-cell ASICs. These devices provide lower unit-cost and lower power compared to FPGAs and faster time to market and lower non-recurring engineering cost compared to standard-cell ASICs. The new Intel® eASIC™ N5X devices, formerly codenamed Diamond Mesa, add a hard processor system and secure device managers compatible with Intel® FPGAs to extend Intel's logic portfolio offerings.

Intel® eASIC™ N5X Devices

  • 16nm process
  • Up to 88 million equivalent ASIC gates
  • Up to 229Mb of true dual port memory and 20Mb of 128b register files
  • Up to 80 32.44 Gbps high-speed transceivers
  • Quad-core ARMv8 hard processor system
  • Secure device manager for bring up, security, and anti-tamper features

Intel® eASIC™ N3XS Devices

  • 28 nm process
  • Up to 52 million equivalent ASIC gates
  • Up to 124 MB of true dual port memory
  • Up to 32 28 Gbps high-speed transceivers
  • Up to 32 16.3 Gbps high-speed transceivers

Intel® eASIC™ N3X and N2X Devices

  • 28 nm and 45 nm process
  • Up to 5 million equivalent logic gates
  • Up to 15.049 kbits of true dual port memory
  • Up to 18 12.5 Gbps high-speed transceivers

Intel® easicopy™ Devices

Provides a seamless and low risk migration path from Intel® FPGA, Intel® eASIC™ or structured ASIC devices to a lower unit cost cell-based ASIC.


Lower Power and Unit Cost

Provides unit-cost and power reductions compared to FPGA by replacing SRAM configuration logic with patented single-via customization technology and disconnecting power from unused device structures.

Time Advantage

Faster time to market and turnaround time than traditional ASICs due to simplified design flow, customization of only a few mask layers, and when feasible no PCB change from base FPGA designs.

High Performance

The structured ASIC combines logic, memory, DSP, high-speed memory interfaces, and high-speed transceivers (up to 28 Gbps) for high-performance data plane or control plane applications.

Broad IP Support

A wealth of fully verified eASIC-ready IP cores from Intel and third-party alliance partners.

Simplified Design Flow

Intel® eASIC™ device eTools offer a framework for design conversion and validation using a combination of internally developed and industry standard third-party tools.

Market Applicability

Intel® eASIC™ devices offer custom low power1 2 3 4 5 6 solutions for a broad range of end markets such as 5G wireless, networking, military, cloud and storage, machine learning inference, consumer, video and broadcast and automotive applications.


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