® Intel IXP400 Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Software Version 2.6.2 API Reference Manual

Intel® IXP400 DSP Software V2.6.2 API Reference: Manual

1.0 Introduction
The Intel® IXP400 DSP software v2.6.2 release is a software module that provides the basic voice processing functionalities for VoIP residential gateway applications. It can be viewed as a completed media processing layer with control and data interfaces as its API.

This document defines the API specifications.

1.1 General
The Intel® IXP400 DSP software is a software module for media processing, targeted for next generation IADs such as Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE), specifically, to perform audio encoding/decoding, echo cancellation, tone processing, and jitter control, etc., as required in any IP media gateway or real-time media streaming functionalities.

This document is intended to describe the control and data interfaces in order for a third party developer to incorporate the module into a media gateway or server system. It provides sufficient details of the interfaces so that the user can fully configure and control the operations and services.

It additionally describes the data interface and format as well as message and data delivery mechanisms.

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