The New CIO Agenda: Innovation Strategies for the Cloud-Enabled Enterprise 2013

The New CIO Agenda: Innovation Strategies for the Cloud-Enabled Enterprise 2013

The New CIO Agenda: Innovation Strategies for the Cloud-Enabled Enterprise 2013

Cloud-Based Enterprise Strategies Deliver Value: CIO Agenda

When Intel published its first “New CIO Agenda” in 2011, most CIOs saw cloud as a promising way to streamline the data center and reduce operations costs. Skeptics were struggling to separate cloud hype from genuine potential.

Today, leading CIOs are deeply involved in cloud implementation, applying cloud-based innovation to... transform the enterprise and provide strategic differentiation. Using public, private, or hybrid clouds, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), or a combination of these cloud-service models, CIOs are reshaping their IT shops into engines for service delivery.

Cloud services provide the means to manage the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by big data, consumerization, and other mega-forces. Cloud services can help you deliver business value, whether you’re the CIO of a company, government agency, healthcare delivery network, university system, global nonprofit, or some other organization.

This edition of the “New CIO Agenda” offers guidance to advance your cloud innovation strategies. In preparing for this issue, our team fanned out across Intel, gleaning insights from executives, technologists, and visionaries who are driving current and future solutions. We talked with Intel’s own IT leaders and reached beyond Intel to include stories of how other organizations are moving forward.

Read the full Cloud-Based Enterprise Strategies Deliver Value CIO Agenda.
• The changing landscape. What trends and issues are shaping the cloud enterprise? How can innovative cloud services help CIOs make the most of big data, consumerization, social computing, the Internet of Things, and other tectonic shifts?

• End-to-end strategies. What strategies and tactics can CIOs follow to create a foundation for innovation? What disruptive technologies are on the horizon? We share a cloud services framework along with practical recommendations for cloud infrastructure, data center security, storage, networking, mobile client computing, and more.

• Innovation in action. How are healthcare leaders using cloud services to improve care and drive medical advances? What innovations is Intel IT focusing on? How does UL’s consumer-influenced client strategy produce a win for business, IT, and employees?

• Accelerating the future. What Intel research will help CIOs create the next-generation cloud enterprise?

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