The Wheelie

For those with movement-limiting conditions, independence and autonomy can be a challenge. But artificial intelligence is helping to change that. Intel has partnered with HOOBOX Robotics to create the Wheelie—the first AI-powered wheelchair kit that translates facial expressions into wheelchair commands.


Movement-limiting conditions affect as many as half a million people across the globe. Those faced with these conditions lack easy-to-use tools and services to help them gain the autonomy they crave.


Using a combination of Intel hardware and software, HOOBOX developed ‘The Wheelie’—a wheelchair kit that utilizes facial recognition technology to capture, process, and translate facial expressions into real-time wheelchair commands, finally providing individuals with autonomy regardless of the physical limitations they’re facing.


“Without the Help of Intel® AI We Could Not Build This Kind of High Precision Technology.”

– Dr. Paulo Gurgel Pinheiro, Co-Founder & CEO, HOOBOX Robotics

Accelerate Real-time Processing

Stereo image sensing technologies use two cameras to calculate depth and enable Intel® RealSense™ devices to see, understand, interact with, and learn from their environment—powering intuitive, natural interaction, engagement and immersion.

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An Intel® AI Builders Member

HOOBOX is a valued member of our Intel® AI Builders program, an ecosystem with a shared mission to accelerate the adoption of AI across Intel platforms.

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