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Intel and Retail

Gesture-based interactive digital signage from Intel

The Intel Digital Signage Endcap Concept can be used to learn about a product, get an informational video tour in real-time, and obtain price comparisons, suggestions, promotional coupons, and more.

Unlike analog displays of yesterday, Intel® Digital Signage Endcap Concept enables retailers and brands to connect with the consumer beyond the point-of-sale. This solution increases basket size, visits, brand recognition, and loyalty, while enhancing consumers’ shopping experiences in the process. This visionary and interactive digital signage design brings a whole new level of interactivity through gesture.

This solution, based on the 2nd generation Intel® CoreTM processor technology, can be used to learn more about a product, get a product informational video tour in real-time, obtain price comparisons, suggestions, promotional coupons as well as tie into consumers’ mobile smartphones.

There are four unique aspects to this solution:

Gestural controlled interactive screen: The main screen of the digital endcap previews all products featured on the physical display in an animated graphical fashion. As a consumer comes within ten feet of the display, the sensors pick up their presence, gender and approximate age through AVA technology (see below for more info) to feature an appropriate and targeted product tour to help them with their product selection.

Accountability and metrics: The digital signage is equipped with Anonymous Vide Analytics (AVA) technology that makes it possible to obtain accurate audience measurement data: how many interacted with the display, for how long, their gender, age, etc. This provides immediate feedback for measuring ROI and also provides opportunities for adapting content based on the composition of the audience and other factors (e.g., time of day).

Mobile integration: Intel integrates this solution with consumers mobile smartphone applications, making it easy to browse new product and pricing info, videos, and shopping lists in real time. For retailers looking for enhanced POS integration, it can also be tied into the retailers POS and loyalty card program.

Smart shelves are built with RFID technology: As products are picked up off the shelves, the digital signage magnifies the product on screen and then shows additional product information, through a product tour of video. Users have the option of saving info and videos to their synced mobile phones, or use the product’s barcode to add it to their shopping cart.

Technology used in the solution

The technology featured in this deployment includes:

  • 2nd generation Intel® CoreTM processor
  • Gesture
  • Two 32” LCD displays on the top on either side of the endcap wedge
  • Two 55” displays in the middle on each side with gesture controlled LCD
  • Three shelves with 10” screens and RFID capability
  • Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) built specifically for the purposes of anonymous audience measurement
  • “Smart shelves” with RFID technology
  • Bar code scanners that tie into mobile devices

Retail solutions based on the Intel® Digital Signage Endcap Concept enable a greater relationship between the retailer and the customer by sending offers, recommendations, and promotions to smartphones, PCs, and other devices encouraging repeat business. It provides strong support for both brick and mortar and on-line retail strategies–driving brand loyalty, repeat shopper visits and profitability while enhancing consumers’ shopping experiences.