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Solid Minute Intel® SSD Endurance: Technology Brief

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Solid Minute Intel® SSD Endurance: Technology Brief

What Will You Wear?

Have you purchased new shoes recently? You’re probably not worried the shoes will fall apart before going out of style or you tire of them. Wearing out your shoes is possible, but not very probable. Think of your Intel® Solid-State Drive (Intel® SSD) with the same mindset when it comes to endurance or wearing out your drive. Wearing out your Intel SSD is highly unlikely.

What is Endurance?
The term endurance in Intel SSDs refers to the length of time the NAND Flash memory can last before failing. Endurance is measured by the time the NAND will last given a specific number of writes or workload. Similar to the number of miles you can walk or run in your shoes.

Intel SSDs use NAND Flash memory. All Flash memory has the potential to wear out because of the structure. Each piece of memory, called a cell, has a gate which holds electrons. When you program a cell by writing data, electrons are added to the gate. When you erase the cell electrons are removed.

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