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Intel® RAID Converter Board RCVT8788 Product Brief

Convert Internal 8087 Storage Ports to External 8088 Ports

Product Overview
The Intel® RAID Converter Board RCVT8788 allows for internal SAS or SATA ports to be extended outside the system. By adding the RCVT8788 and the appropriate cable(s), ports embedded in a motherboard or an add-in RAID product that are normally limited to Direct Attach Storage (DAS) can be made available to external storage components. For example, the Intel RCVT8788 can be combined with an 8-port Intel® Integrated RAID Module such as the Intel® RMS25CB080 to connect to a JBOD, in order to create an inexpensive RBOD.

Key Advantages
• System Design Flexibility – Allows for internal storage ports to be extended to storage outside of the server.
• Low-Cost Alternative – RAID or SAS cards with external ports are often associated with a cost premium that may exceed the cost of using this converter board.
• High Quality – Tested with Intel® RAID Controllers and Intel® Integrated RAID modules to help assure high reliability and EMC compliance.
• Full Height and Low Profile Brackets – Inventory management is simplified since brackets do not need to be stocked separately. Plus, specifying bracket type is not required at purchase.

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