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Dispensing Higher Profits Through Smart Technology

Dispensing Higher Profits Through Smart Technology

New machines do more than sell snacks

Solution Summary
Vending systems are going high tech, with built-in digital signage, interactive touch-screen kiosks, remote management capabilities, real-time inventory monitoring and ordering, and even cashless payment mechanisms. These customizable and engaging machines proactively market their contents to passers-by, while delivering actionable business intelligence to their operators in real time.

Unlike the traditional, low-tech drink and snack machines that reside in break rooms, corridors, and warehouses, these smart systems actively promote and sell a wide variety of products to would-be customers. The Hubbo* vending system developed by Promate Technology Inc. has been used to sell food, drinks, keepsakes/souvenirs, makeup, and other beauty products. Even fresh food is an option with such a smart system because the inventory can be closely monitored and tracked remotely to ensure safety to consumers.

The Hubbo system enables vending operators, advertisers, and product distributors to experiment with innovative marketing and vending technologies with little capital risk. One such concept is the “tryvertising” (try-advertising) solution that lets marketers use the machine to distribute samples of new products or promotional items and determine customer interest. The integrated digital signage display engages passers-by while the interactive kiosk gathers contact information and user feedback.

This solution study describes the innovative Hubbo vending system and the Intel technology that makes it smart.

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