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Brief: The New Era of Intelligent Digital Signage

The New Era of Intelligent Digital Signage

There are opportunities in the delivery of smart, measurable, and manageable digital signage solutions.

• At the restaurant, you can watch the big game, check the daily special, and enter your order.
• In a grocery store, you can see a famous chef handle a tricky recipe and download the ingredients to your smartphone.
• In a cab from the airport, you can catch up on the news and reserve a table at a hot new restaurant.
• In a clothing store, you can compare styles, get a “virtual fit,” and let your friends see your selections on Facebook*.

The common denominator in all of these examples? Digital signage—the now-ubiquitous installations of flat-panel displays and media players delivering targeted advertising and other messages to shoppers, restaurant patrons, passengers, and more. Initially conceived of as an electronic replacement to old-fashioned posters and billboards, digital signage is rapidly evolving thanks to touch screens, compelling graphics, sophisticated media players as well as tools that make it easy to manage networks, measure audiences, and increase interaction with mobile devices and social media.

A Rapidly Expanding Market

In just a few years, digital signage has gone from a being a novelty to a must-have. It’s now so pervasive that more people watch video on digital signs than on Internet sites or Facebook, and these numbers will only grow.

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