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Healthcare Policies and Standards

Intel collaborates with healthcare providers, other companies, and policymakers on innovative new products and solutions.

Intel Foundation

Intel Foundation—helping develop a future diverse workforce and increase interest in math and science education.

I Am Courage

What does courage mean to you? Take the challenge—seven days, seven courageous acts—share each with #IAmCourage to support International Women's Day.

Intel® Education Programs for Girls and Women Around the Globe

Intel Programs for Girls and Women Around the Globe

Project Daniel: 3-D Prosthetic Printing Lab

Project Daniel changes lives in South Sudan by providing a village with the Intel® technology and knowledge to run a 3-D prosthetic printing lab.

Intel Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct, 2010: mission, values, guidelines.

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FastForward Program for Exascale Computing

Intel’s FastForward program engages in exascale-level computing research and development with FastForward processor and memory projects.

Aviso sobre cookies de Intel

Detalla las prácticas de Intel sobre cookies en los sitios web de Intel.

Intel Human Rights Principles

Policy: Discusses Intel's position on key human rights issues

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Responsabilidad corporativa

Descubra cómo Intel vive la responsabilidad social de empresa y examine la ética empresarial, principios rectores, compromiso con medio ambiente, etc.