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Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540-T1/T2 Family

Intel’s Declaration of Conformity for Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540-T1/T2 G58497/X540T1/X540T1G1P5/X540T2/X540T2G1P5.

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Intel® 82540EP Gigabit Ethernet Controller Update

Update: Contains the specification changes, errata, specification clarifications or documentation changes, which apply to listed 82540EP steppings.

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Intel® Ethernet CNA and Cisco Nexus* Switch Compatibility

Solution Brief: Lists Intel® Ethernet 10 Gigabit Converged Network Adapters compatible with Cisco Nexus* Switches and Fabric Extenders.

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Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540: Product Brief

Product Brief: Simplifying 10GbE migration, the adapter enables iSCSI, FCoE, virtualization, and flexible port partitioning for low-cost performance.

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Intel Launches Two I/O Innovations

Modified Intel® Xeon® processor E5 architecture and integrated 10GBASE-T solutions improve I/O for managing network growth and demanding applications.

Expedient Finds Solution with Intel® Ethernet 10 Gigabit

IT services firm Expedient, delivers scalable I/O infrastructure using 10GBASE-T for cost-effective performance and distance on LOM technology.

Intel® Ethernet Controller X540: Datasheet

External architecture including device operation, pin descriptions and register definitions for the Intel® Ethernet Controller X540 (v.2.8, Feb. 2015)

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Refer Telecom Tests Networking Upgrade Path

Case Study: Portugal’s Refer Telecom tests traffic on the Intel® Ethernet CNA X520-DA2, offering more bandwidth, an upgrade path, and lower TCO.

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Familia de adaptadores de red convergente Intel® Ethernet X540

La controladora Intel® Ethernet X540, que proporciona bajo consumo, bajo coste en un único chip, lleva la LOM 10GBASE-T a los servidores generales.

Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter X540-T1/T2 GXXXXX: Declaration

Intel’s Declaration of Conformity for Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter X540-T1/T2 G34971/G35632/G44743.

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