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Step Up Your Server Game with Upgrades from Intel and Dell

See results from a Principled Technologies test which shows Dell PowerEdge* R720 servers upgraded with Intel® Xeon® processors boost performance.

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Fibra óptica Intel® Ethernet QSFP+ SR

La fibra óptica Intel® Ethernet QSFP+ SR ofrece una solución probada y fiable para Ethernet de alta densidad para conexiones de redes unificadas de 10 GbE y 40 GbE.

Transform the Data Center with Network Virtualization Overlay

Explains how network virtualization overlay technologies support a data center that efficiently moves data and eases deployment of new services.

Expedient Finds Solution with Intel® Ethernet 10 Gigabit

IT services firm Expedient, delivers scalable I/O infrastructure using 10GBASE-T for cost-effective performance and distance on LOM technology.

Unified Networking with Open FCoE Technology

Video: Intel's Kirk Skaugen discusses how 10 GbE unified networking and the world's first Open FCoE solution simplify the data center.

Intel® Ethernet Controller I210-AT/I211-AT: Schematics

Schematics: The Intel® Ethernet Controller I210-AT/I211-AT schematics show placement, component connections, and part numbers. (v.1.9, Nov. 2012)

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VMware vSphere ESX* 5.x iSCSI Boot with VLAN Support: Guide

Covers the software, configurations, and processes required for iSCSI boot with VLAN support for VMware vSphere ESX* 5.x with Intel® Server Adapters.

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Intel® Ethernet Controller X540: Datasheet

Describes external architecture including device operation, pin descriptions, and register definitions for the Intel® Ethernet Controller X540.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch FM4000: Datasheet

Datasheet: functional specifications on series enhancements in routing, access control lists, congestion management, network scaling, and management.

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Controladoras Intel® Ethernet

Las controladoras Intel® Ethernet son compatibles con avanzadas características para virtualización de E/S y redes unificadas.