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High Performance Computing Fabrics

Delivering flexibility and efficiency in demanding HPC platforms, Intel® True Scale Fabric products maximize scalability in core performance.

End-Of-Life Notice for InfiniBand* SDR and DDR Adapters

Letter: QLogic provides an end-of-life notice for InfiniBand* SDR and DDR Host Channel Adapters while transitioning to QDR technology.

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IBM POWER HPC* Approved Firmware and Software

Links to IBM-approved POWER HPC* firmware and software downloads compatible with Intel® True Scale Fabric switches and Host Channel Adapters.

IBM/Lenovo Intelligent Cluster Solutions* Approved Software

Links to downloadable firmware and software supported by IBM/Lenovo Intelligent Cluster* solutions compatible with Intel® True Scale Fabric.

Accelerate Data Movement Through Fabric with Intel® OPA

Infographic: Accelerate data movement through the fabric with Intel® OPA to send more messages per second with lower port-to-port latency.

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Intel® True Scale Fabric Out of Warranty Repair Terms

Tech Doc: Find terms and conditions on out of warranty repair for eligible Intel® True Scale Fabric equipment, including a list of eligible products.

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Intel® True Scale Fabric Suite 7 FastFabric Toolset

Simplify fast HPC cluster set up; Intel® True Scale Fabric suite 7 FastFabric Toolset ensures host, switch, and management software install properly.

Intel® True Scale Fabric Industry Associations

Supporting industry partners to uphold, develop, and test the Intel® True Scale Fabric specification for interoperability in HPC workloads.

Intel® True Scale Fabric Help

Intel® True Scale Fabric product downloads can be found on the Intel® Download Center under the Network Connectivity Product Family.

Intel® True Scale Fabric Switch Products: Service Restoration

Information on service restoration for Intel® True Scale Fabric switch products including requirements, health verification, and service alternatives.