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Classroom Management App Eliminates Distractions

Application brief: Classroom Management app allows teachers to support interactivity and collaborative work while eliminating distractions.

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SPARKvue* Increases Student Engagement

Application Brief: SPARKvue* allows students to collect, evaluate, and analyze data, activating thinking skills and fostering student engagement.

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1:1 eLearning Program in Ale, Sweden

See how the 1:1 eLearning Program in Ale, Sweden helps students learn computer literacy and improve their reading and writing skills.

Comparison of Chromebooks* in the Classroom

White Paper: Comparison of Chromebooks* in the classroom shows students spend less time waiting with Intel® processor-based Chromebooks.

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Spend Less Time Waiting with Intel-powered HP Chromebook* 14

Brochure: Students can spend less time waiting on apps to open and worrying about battery life with an Intel-powered HP Chromebook* 14.

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