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Spend Less Time Waiting with Intel-powered HP Chromebook* 14

Brochure: Students can spend less time waiting on apps to open and worrying about battery life with an Intel-powered HP Chromebook* 14.

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Intel® Education Software

Intel® Education Software es un paquete de Intel® Education Solutions personalizable de hardware, software, servicios y asistencia líder en el sector.

Piraí, Brazil, Transforms Education With Technology Integration

Case Study: Pirai, Brazil has a technology integration program in education providing digital access to every citizen.

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Case Study: Education Transformation in Russia

Intel® Teach program in Russia shows teachers how to use technology to improve classroom teaching and learning methods.

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Education Program in Malaysia Boosts Economy

Malaysia is providing classmate PCs through a free education program, as well as opening trade opportunities to boost the local economy.

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Intel® Education Solutions Education Appliance Technical Datasheet

The Education Appliance developed by the Intel® Education Solutions delivers learning, networking and administration infrastructure for schools.

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ArtRage* Part of Intel® Education: Application Note

App Note: Discusses ArtRage* features and benefits, a painting and drawing application that simulates real-world materials to create digital artwork.

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Intel® Education Lab Camera by Intellisense: Application Note

App Note: Discusses Intel® Education Lab Camera features and benefits that let students carry out scientific concepts using built-in cameras.

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Intel® Education Media Camera by Intellisense: Application Note

App Note: Discusses Intel® Education Media Camera features and benefits, which let students capture, edit, and annotate pictures and videos.

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Case Study: 1st Women to Row Across Indian Ocean Used Classmate PC

Story: The first women to row across the Indian Ocean used an Intel-powered classmate PC and solar recharger that kept them in touch with the world.

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