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Maximize Performance and Scalability of RADIOSS*

Solution Brief: Altair RADIOSS* software, optimized for Intel® Xeon® processors, maximizes performance and scalability for a range of applications.

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MIPT: Cracking Molecular Codes with High-Performance Computing

Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family supports ground-breaking bioinformatic and pharmaceutical research while helping slash energy requirements.

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High-performance Data Center Management Helps Optimize Energy Use and Reduce Costs

Improving data center efficiency with Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM)

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Improved In-memory and On-disk Database Performance

Altibase improves performance of its Altibase Hybrid Database with Intel® Xeon® processors E7 family and Intel® Solid-State Drives

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Bingo: Accelerating Cloud Rendering Services

Solution Brief: Bingo’s BingoCloud* cloud-computing platform, based on Intel® Xeon® processors, helps optimize utilization of rendering resources.

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Intel® Xeon™ Processors Increase University Research Speed

Case Study: Servers at Florida State University use Intel® Xeon™ processors to increase research speed, expand capacity, and run legacy applications.

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DigiPoS Keeps Competitive Advantage with Embedded Processors

Case Study: Electronic POS maker DigiPoS innovates products on the Intel® Atom™ processor, Intel® Core™ i7 processor, and Intel® Q67 Express Chipset.

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FXCM Inc. Refreshes Data Center for More Robust Platform

Case Study: global online foreign exchange provider FXCM refreshes its data center systems with Intel® Xeon® processors..

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Art & Fact Case Study: 3-D Reality

Art & Fact turns to Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series to keep pace with client requests.

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University of Sussex Builds Multi-purpose HPC Cluster: Case Study

The University of Sussex needs to process data coming out of CERN’s ATLAS project and teams with Dell to design and deploy an HPC cluster.

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