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Media Decode Using Intel® Media SDK

Media Decode Using Intel® Media SDK

Intel® Core™ processors have an integrated GPU that provides hardware acceleration for various types of media processing, including video decoding. Developers of digital signage media player application software can take advantage of this capability to significantly increase graphics performance. For example, testing at Intel showed the hardware acceleration reduced CPU loading from 70 percent to 10 percent as compared to software-only video decoding, around a seven-fold improvement. This white paper describes how to transition from software-based media processing to hardware-based processing and provides several code examples to facilitate this migration. The white paper also proposes a mechanism for hardware-based compositing of various media content on a synchronized display to create a rich user experience.

The digital signage media player software architecture described in the following uses the Intel® Media SDK 2012 to invoke hardware-based video decode on Intel® Core™ processors, and Microsoft Direct3D* and Microsoft DirectX Video Acceleration High Definition* for composition.

Read the full Media Decode Using Intel® Media SDK White Paper.

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