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Technologies to take you from in-vehicle infotainment to self-driving cars

Whether you are working on today’s in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems or future advanced driving technologies, Intel is the right partner to accelerate development and reduce your costs in comparison with traditional solutions available today. Intel is investing heavily in product development, the automotive value chain, and advanced technology research to help you deliver solutions that enhance safety, efficiency and convenience in the car.

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Platform Solutions

•  Automotive-grade Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions compute modules

•  Hardened Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions software foundation

•  Application-ready Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions development kits

Introducción al producto Intel® In-Vehicle

Familia de procesadores Intel® Atom™ E3800


The Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family is a flexible system-on-chip (SoC) that delivers outstanding compute, graphical, and media performance under an extensive range of thermal conditions, with built-in security capabilities, and HD video acceleration.

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Understanding what consumers want is the foundation of successful product development. Intel is investing significant resources into R&D that will help chart the shortest route from in-vehicle infotainment to advanced driver assistance solutions and beyond.

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