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Benefits of Enabling Personal Handheld Devices in the Enterprise

Benefits of Enabling Personal Handheld Devices in the Enterprise

Executive overview

Introducing personal devices into our environment presented significant security and privacy challenges. Intel IT, working closely with Intel Legal and Human Resources groups, spent about two years developing new policies to enable personal device use, resulting in an employee agreement that all users digitally sign. This sets expectations for device use while protecting Intel and employees. Results of the program include:

• Increased productivity. Employees report saving 47 minutes per day on average by using personal devices—about 10 percent of an eight-hour workday. This adds up to total time savings of more than 500,000 hours per quarter.
• Improved flexibility. Employees send approximately 1.8 million business-related e-mail messages each quarter from corporate and personal handheld devices for a high level of user satisfaction. The satisfaction rate exceeds 90 percent among users of personally owned devices.
• Relatively low cost to Intel IT. Analysis shows that carrier service plans account for most of the cost of providing handheld devices. With personal devices, employees usually pay for the service plans, so the cost of adding new devices is low.
• No impact on support. The number of Service Desk tickets related to handhelds has not increased significantly, despite the addition of 10,000 personal devices. Averaged across all corporate and personal handheld devices, the number of tickets per user has actually decreased.

Due to our groundwork establishing policy and infrastructure, we have been able to quickly support new devices and OSs—in some cases on the day the product is introduced. We now support five major handheld device OSs. With Intel employees now using more than 23,000 corporate and personal handheld devices, we are investigating the potential to streamline business processes and further increase productivity by enabling access to additional enterprise applications from handheld devices. We are also enabling use of other device types, such as tablets, and we are planning to pilot a bring-your-own-computer program.

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