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Reducing Cost and Complexity with Industrial System Consolidation

Reduce Industrial Complexity with Intel® Virtualization Technology

In today’s highly competitive manufacturing environment success requires a constant focus on cost cutting while maintaining production throughput and employee safety. For manufacturers this includes finding new ways to lower operating expenses, a large part of which are the purchase and support of industrial systems. A significant cost stems from the inefficiencies created by the growing numbers and varieties of systems on the factory floor. For instance, system proliferation is consuming precious space and straining IT resources, especially when systems have unique support requirements for configuration, backups, spares, and software patching.

Efficiency can be improved when multiple factory functions are consolidated onto a single hardware platform, thus decreasing operating expense, factory footprint, energy consumption, and integration and support efforts. This can be done using advanced multi-core processors along with proven virtualization technology. Still, virtualization tools and methods used in the server environment are different from what is appropriate for the embedded environment.

Read the full Reduce Industrial Complexity with Intel® Virtualization Technology White Paper.

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