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Intel Comments on the HITECH Initial Set Interim Final Rule: Letter

Dear Dr. Blumenthal:

Intel appreciates this opportunity to comment on the Interim Final Rule on the Initial Set of Standards, Implementation Specifications, and Certification Criteria for Electronic Health Record Technology (Interim Final Rule). We know the HIT Standards Committee and the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) have committed an extensive amount of time to developing these standards. To improve the quality and efficiency of the health care system, more than simple adoption of EHRs is needed. These standards, implementation specifications, and certification criteria will ensure the interoperability of the technologies by setting standards that will enable the exchange, receipt, and validation of the information. Intel commends the ONC for its development of this Interim Final Rule and would like to use this opportunity to make recommendations, which we feel will enhance the Interim Final Rule.

Intel is certainly known as a world leader in silicon innovation, but our company is not traditionally seen as a “health care” company. Nonetheless, our technologies help to power the Internet, the broadband connected world, and many health care institutions around the world, who we increasingly work with to connect patients, families, providers, and health care researchers with one another. In fact, for more than a decade now, Intel has focused its research and development efforts specifically on health care to better understand how to connect all of the major players through a wide array of health information technologies. Intel social scientists, medical informaticists, clinicians, and engineers have studied more than 1,000 patient homes and 250 hospitals and clinics in more than 20 countries to inform the development of products and solutions that can help bring forth a connected world for health care, particularly for the care of seniors and chronic disease patients in the community through home-based health technologies.

Read the full Intel Comments on the HITECH Initial Set Interim Final Rule Letter.

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