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Intel® Etherneta Controller I211: Datasheet

Intel® Ethernet Controller I211: Datasheet

The Intel® Ethernet Controller I211 is a single port, compact, low-power component that supports GbE designs. The I211 offers a fully-integrated GbE Media Access Control, Physical Layer (PHY) port, and supports PCI Express*.

The Intel Ethernet Controller I211 enables 1000BASE-T implementations using an integrated PHY. It can be used for server system configurations such as rack mounted or pedestal servers, in an add-on NIC or LAN on Motherboard (LOM) design. Another possible system configuration is for blade servers as a LOM or mezzanine card. It can also be used in embedded applications such as switch add-on cards and network appliances.

This document provides the external architecture—including device operation, pin descriptions, register definitions, etc.—for the Intel Ethernet Controller I211.

This document is a reference for software device driver developers, board designers, test engineers, and others who may need specific technical or programming information.

Read the full Intel® Ethernet Controller I211 Datasheet.

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