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Runaway Success for Vietnamese Orphanages

Did you know the UN estimates there are 1.4 million orphaned children in Vietnam? Intel is bringing computer-based education to hundreds of orphaned children in Vietnam in an effort to inspire them to invest in themselves and continue their education after they leave the orphanage.

Ho Chi Minh City

A year after a group called Orphan Impact started bringing a weekly computer training class into the Tam Binh orphanage in Vietnam, officials at the facility noticed an interesting trend.

The orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City had been averaging about three runaways each year. But in the nine months after the Intel-enabled program began there were no reported runaways.

"One of the children said that he wanted to leave the orphanage, but did not want to miss out on weekly computer class," says Orphan Impact project coordinator Tad Kincaid. “He knew he would not have the same opportunity on the street."

In Vietnam many children arrive at state run orphanages as infants and grow up with no knowledge of their families. Others come after a parent has died. Less than 1 percent of these children attend college.

With the help of the Intel Education Service Corps (IESC), Orphan Impact is trying to change that statistic. The nonprofit group aims to create new possibilities for these children by sending in teachers to run after-school computer classes at orphanages across Vietnam.

IESC teams have made six trips to Vietnam to support Orphan Impact through teacher training and the deployment of more than 80 Intel® classmate PCs in 14 orphanages. “Our goal is to use technology as an opportunity to encourage these children to take their education more seriously,” Kincaid says. “We hope to motivate the kids to pursue further education after they leave the orphanage."

Orphans in Vietnam

Connecting Vietnam's orphans with possibilities

Orphan Impact uses Intel-powered classmate PCs to expand the horizons of children in Vietnamese orphanages.

Intel World Ahead Program

Intel World Ahead Program

The Intel World Ahead Program increases access to technology, helping people with better education, improved healthcare, and economic opportunity.

Child with Intel® classmate PC

Digital literacy

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