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Delivering a Remote-Access Solution for Farmers

Delivering a Remote Access Solution to Farmers

The Yanzi* system is used by farmers to monitor, maintain and manage livestock, heating systems, overall temperatures, and provide surveillance (for the management of many assets, across large areas).

Workloads are increasing and the areas needing to be managed are getting bigger and bigger. Companies like dairy, beef, grain, hog, and poultry farms typically have one or just a few employees responsible for overall operations. This usually also includes the care and management of livestock.

Need technological solutions that are easy to install, maintain, and manage. Farmers need to simplify their operations to be truly mobile, with plug-and-play deployment that requires little-to-no IT knowledge or management.

Too many data points to manage. Farmers need to have weather pattern, livestock, feed, temperature sensors, smoke detectors, and video camera information at the tips of their fingers. They need to be alerted to potentially costly issues before it’s too late. Being able to see if the pig pen is too hot or cold, or a calf injury, can prevent livestock death—a costly outcome for any farmer.

Today’s modern farmer is faced with increased operational complexity, margin pressure and the need to manage more assets and areas with less staff. Farmers are looking for new ways to leverage technology—quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Smart phones and tablets have revolutionized many industries—among them, agriculture and farming. The ability to monitor, maintain and manage a farm operation from a handheld device is no longer nice to have, it’s a reality.

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