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White Paper Client-aware Cloud Computing

Benefits of a Client-aware Cloud

Intel’s Cloud 2015 Vision and Client-Aware

Cloud computing promises to change the way IT services are created, delivered, and consumed. The cloud promises large gains in IT efficiency and flexibility at a time when data centers are increasingly challenged by the rapid growth in the number of users and volume of data.

IT priorities are driven in part by the need to cost effectively manage and secure the IT environment. So, IT organizations view the cloud as an opportunity to enhance flexibility and improve operational efficiency. Thus, much discussion of cloud infrastructure focuses on the data center. Client devices of all types, however, play an essential contribution to how, when, and where cloud services are consumed and the potential benefit to both IT and the user.

Poor user experience on client devices can overshadow any benefit from moving to cloud computing. To succeed with cloud computing, IT organizations must deliver solutions that address both IT needs and user needs. So, it’s important to look beyond simple service availability metrics and take into account end-user experience and the approaches that enhance and optimize it.

Intel sees that a holistic view of cloud services delivery – data center to end-user devices – is critical to how the industry enhances and optimizes the cloud and ensures an optimal user experience, while benefiting the IT organization. Thus, Intel has established its Cloud 2015 Vision. This vision comprehends a balanced, end-to-end model for cloud architecture, from the data center to a broad range of end-point client devices. Three key characteristics comprise the Cloud 2015 Vision: federated, automated, and client-aware.

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