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Building a Private Cloud: How Platform Computing's Platform ISF* Can Help

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Building a Private Cloud: How Platform Computing's Platform ISF* Can Help

Cloud computing is a paradigm shift in the way IT is developed, managed, and consumed. It provides infrastructure and computer resources as services. End users request IT services through a Web browser or a computer using an API. These services are provisioned from a pool of shared computing resources according to corporate standards and business policies. Each line of business (LOB) can have its own self-managed, virtual private cloud to get the benefits of IT consolidation without losing the ability to self-manage and optimize the cloud for their business. However, the private cloud administrator still maintains overall control and defines the top-level constraints for each LOB. The concept is a cloud within a cloud within a cloud. Within each virtual LOB cloud, business policies optimize the cloud according to specific needs such as performance, efficiency, high availability, and scalability.

Enterprises looking to take advantage of the cloud do so for many reasons—chief among them to enhance their agility in response to changing business dynamics. Today’s enterprise data center is facing tremendous pressure to both innovate with new cloud architectures and operate legacy applications and heterogeneous systems. With that reality, it’s crucial to adopt an open cloud management solution that supports flexibility and choice.

Large enterprises continue to recognize the need for a private cloud to meet regulatory, security, and performance requirements. To achieve agility and cost objectives, enterprises are taking a page from Google and Amazon, using a new cloud data center stack to transform internal IT.

Cloud uses your company’s investment in virtualization—such as with VMware vSphere* and other hypervisor providers—and must have a deep integration with virtual machine (VM) technologies. However, the new cloud data center requires more than just virtualization and traditional IT practices.

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