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The Eight Fundamental Truths of Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Executive Summary

Beginning in May 2011, I began writing a series of blogs featured in Data Center Knowledge (DCK), a daily news and analysis website for the data center industry. In parallel, I blogged for the Server Room in Intel’s Open Port IT Community, introducing the same topics to a different group of readers.

The purpose of these blogs was to provide a pragmatic business- and enterprise-architect-focused overview of the cloud without any of the associated hype. Toward this goal, I identified a way for companies to build a workable corporate cloud strategy based on a series of what I call “fundamental truths” of cloud computing. A fundamental truth is what I consider to be a principal rule (or series of rules) that can serve as the foundation for the entire framework. Fundamental truths are inviolable.

Here are the fundamental truths that, I believe, form the cornerstone of any cloud corporate strategy:
1. Large-scale, transformation to cloud computing, including your critical business systems, is a journey that will take you from eight to 10 years.
2. Cloud is a top-down architectural framework that binds strategy with solutions development.
3. Your cloud ecosystem is only as robust and adaptable as the sum of its part.
4. A services-oriented enterprise taxonomy is not optional.
5. Cloud is a verb, not a noun.
6. Technology-driven business practices often circumvent government regulations, but legal/government policy standards will dictate cloud’s success.
7. Bandwidth and data transmission may not always be as inexpensive and unencumbered as they are today (geo-sensitive considerations).
8. Altruistic motives do not generally keep the lights on.

Over the course of about seven months, I expanded on these truths through my blogs.This white paper is a collection of these blogs.

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