CareAlign Exchange* Secures Healthcare Big Data Analytics

CareAlign Exchange* Uses Secure Analytics for Healthcare Big Data

ICA’s CareAlign Exchange* uses MarkLogic’s NoSQL database and Intel® technologies—including hardware enhanced encryption—for secure analytics in near-real time.

In a world of shrinking budgets and rising rates of chronic disease, health information exchanges (HIEs) are an essential element of national and regional effo...rts to improve healthcare and contain costs. HIEs establish an interoperable framework for healthcare providers to share secure patient information across disparate electronic health record (EHR) platforms and other information systems.

Informatics Corporation of America (ICA) is a leader in the push to make HIEs a practical and powerful reality. ICA has deep clinical roots at Vanderbilt Medical Center, and its CareAlign* suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) health IT tools and CareAlign Exchange* HIE combine ease of use with advanced capabilities for physicians, hospitals, health agencies, and other healthcare stakeholders.

CareAlign Exchange aggregates data from diverse EHRs within a medical community, converts the data to actionable information, and makes it securely available to authorized participants of the community. For example, when a person is admitted to the emergency room, doctors can access the patient’s most up-to-date medical history and information to help them develop a personalized treatment plan while avoiding duplicate tests and procedures. Using a growing set of analytics, CareAlign Exchange can integrate results in near-real time back into the contributing EHRs, presenting data and information via dashboards, alerts, and other mechanisms.

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